Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

We work with a number of organisations – some large, some small, across a range of sectors with programmes paid for by the employer to support employees.

Sessions are held away from the workplace, in a safe, confidential space.

If, for whatever reason, an individual is unable to deal with these issues or fails to recognise the extent to which emotions are being supressed, they are likely to function less effectively.

We have found that even a short period of counselling can improve employee productivity and effectiveness, concentration, focus, job satisfaction, relationships, self-confidence and reduce stress levels.

Our EAP Businesses we currently work together with

If you work for the businesses below and require counselling, please do get in touch.  Your employer will not be told any information that you confide in us.

Poor mental health in the workplace  can have an impact on an employee’s performance at work.

Our confidential service can help support your employees with a variety of issues:



Emotional problems

Relationship difficulties


Family issues

It’s time to show your employees you really care.

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